Payroll is absolutely crucial to a company’s financial accounting for several reasons.


In a company’s accounting, payroll is critical because payrolls (and payroll taxes) significantly affect the net income of most organizations. They are also often subject to numerous laws and regulations.

What we do in




  • Check the information received from the client,
  • Regiter the timesheets, on a monthly basis, for payroll calculation,
  • Prepare the timesheets,
  • Calculation of salaries, annual leaves, bonuses and allowances on a monthly basis, including the allowances for health insurance (medical leave, maternity leave) and the related taxes and contributions,
  • Prepare the payroll,
  • Prepare the payslips and provide them by e-mail or printed for each employee,
  • Register the employees based on the working points information received from the the client and calculate the salaries,
  • Prepare the statement 112,
  • Prepare the payment orders for State budget contributions payment,
  • Prepare the payment orders for salary transfer into the employee bank account - if applicable,
  • Salary cost calculation
  • Prepare certificates: income, bank, medical.



If you are in a small, medium or large business you will know the meaning and importance of payroll services.










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